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12 Mar 2016
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Coconut Cake

(or as titled by my collegue) Auntie Evelyn's coconut loaf

We were discussing easy to make cakes that don't necessarily need any icing and a collegue mentioned this old family recipe. I have made it a few times and is very popular with my daughter-in-law who likes all things coconutty.
This cake can be made in various shapes but the easiest is as a tray bake and cut into squares, but could be made in a loaf tin and served in slices. I have also made it in sandwich tins and used a cream cheese icing as the filling and topping for a celebration cake.

(The measurements in brackets are my conversions because I dislike working in cups)

Ingredients and Method

  • Heat in a pan:
4 oz margarine
cup of milk
cup of coconut (4 ½ oz)
cup of granulated sugar (7 oz)

  • Mix in:
2 cups of S.R. flour (10 ½ oz)
1 beaten egg

  • Bake in lined cake tin for 1 hour at 150 ℃
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