Cooking "aloo-matar". Potato and hard lentils indian style?

29 Sep 2022
Local time
6:13 PM
I'm Indian and wondering how to cook it. I've never cooked them before. Do I cook it like soft lentils? I cook soft lentils like this way.

1) 1:5 lentil to water ratio (after being soaked for some time).
2) Put it in pressure cooker, add salt and wait for 3 whistles.

What else do I need to do for hard lentils. I'm cooking "matar" here. I'm a beginner cook and I don't want online hi-fi receipes.
I may be wrong but I think 'matar' means peas? If so they are not technically lentils.

I don't use a pressure cooker so this will probably be of no use to you - but I always soak dried peas overnight in water. Then drain and cook in water for approximately 45 minutes. I think if you soak the peas first they will take longer than lentils in the pressure cooker.
Hello there, Pressurecooker from Nepal.
If you´re cooking aloo matar, then it´s potatoes with peas. I wonder (as does Morning Glory) if you´re using dried peas. I imagine you are, so soak overnight and cook until tender. I´m not sure what 3 whistles is on a pressure cooker, since I never use one, but you need your peas to be soft. If you open your pressure cooker after "3 whistles" and the peas are still hard, simply cook for a bit longer.
What spices are you using? Turmeric (haldi) cumin (jeera) and plenty of chiles, I imagine.
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