CookingBites Add-On Story Telling: Volume 1

30 Mar 2017
Detroit, USA
@cookieee suggested an idea to me that I think would be a lot of fun, based on the "3 Word Story thread I started earlier". But, it involves doing a sort of "add-on story telling" that you may have done when you were in school. One person starts the story, and the next person continues the story where they left off. The fun thing is that there's nothing specific about the theme, and each person has a chance to change the direction of the story.

It goes something like this:

1st person: Once upon a time there was a king,
2nd person: who lived in a castle. Best of all,
3rd person: the castle was made entirely of cheese. Then,

The key to keeping the story moving is that each person should end their part in mid-sentence. When does the story end? We'll have to see how it goes. If there are a few days with no posting, then maybe we could wrap it up. At the end, we can get all the lines of the story together to see what sort of nonsense we have.

  1. Each person adds 8 words to the story, picking up where the last person left off.
  2. If someone adds less than 8 words to their portion, the differential can be added to the next portion (i.e., if the previous person adds 6 words, the next one can add 10).
  3. If someone adds more than 8 words, it should be pointed out. The next person can still add 8 words to their portion.
  4. There's no specified theme to the story, so each person can take it wherever the want. It does not have to be cooking-related.
  5. You can have periods in your portion, but always end your portion in mid-sentence.
  6. The story continues until some mutually-agreed point (if there is a lack of posting for a period of time, for example).
I will start the story after this initial post.


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15 Jul 2019
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old episodes of "Fawlty Towers." I reached into my bag and

(Using the leftovers from the previous post)
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