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Discussion in 'Free From and Specialist Diets' started by Karalyne, 25 Apr 2016.

  1. Karalyne

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    For years I was so hooked on Diet Mountain Dew. I was under the impression that it was perfectly fine for a diabetic like me to drink all the diet soda I wanted. I learned that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda actually cause you to crave the soda more so you end up drinking a lot more than you normally would if you were drinking regular soda. I finally kicked that addiction and I drink tons of water every day now and my diabetes is more easily controlled and I have also lost some weight.
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    Virginia, USA
    Yes, well it is no good for you. I like diet soda but I don't drink a ton of it. I know how bad it is so I limit myself to a glass or two a day. I try to drink other things in it's place. Anything with lots of artificial sweetner is probably bad, but I love peach ice tea in the summertime made with the mix. If I could figure out the "peachy" flavoring, I could make it myself I suppose, and just put a little sweetner in. I think I would need peach tea.
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    I have never liked sodas, but I think that there a few occasions when your body acts like it needs it.

    One of my friend said to me while suffering from stomach ache and heartburn because of oily food that I should drink some cola because all the bad stuff in it makes the oil in your stomach dissolve. I tried it and I only drink cola or fizzy drinks when I have really bad stomach ache, it cures it for me. Like medicine.
  4. aquaticneko

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    If you are someone who absolutely love soda and want to cut off it. You can always try infusing/control sweeten your own own fruit into water then use a fountain jet to carbonate it. A friend of mine bought two, one for me and one for her last christmas. I'm quite pleased with it since I can always add some bubbles to anything I want. It uses no electricity and no batteries. I don't use the soda mixes that it offers but you can always try them if you want since you can control the amount of the sugary stuff you add unlike commercial soda's

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