Do You Need To Keep Busy, Or Can You Relax And Do Nothng?


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4 Aug 2021
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2:34 AM
Caracas, Venezuela
I suppose I´m hyperkinetic. I can always find something to do. Runs in the family; mum is nearly 94 and spends the day rushing around, then wonders why she´s tired. The other week, a friend asked me to help her out at an Embassy brunch, so I was there from 8am - 2pm. Came home, made lunch, then made 8 kgs of piccalilli. Bottled the final jar at 10.30pm.
However, a trip to the beach is the bet way to relax for me. Sit on the beach all day, have a dip, read a book, talk to friends, relax, then sleep like a log.
And wake up in the fireplace.


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29 Jul 2019
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The Netherlands
I have no choice but to 'relax and do nothing' at least a few hours a day or I'll be in crippeling physical pain. I hate it though, I used to be super active and walk about 30 miles a week. I just feel like life passes me by at times, which leaves me frustrated.

The other part of the day I do household chores, cooking and currently studying so I can set up a small personal business from home. I just can't stand not contributing to our finances, so we'll see if I can make some money from home in due time. For now my husband and family keep telling me I am OK and they are happy with what I do for them, it's just me who doesn't like the forced naps and netflix time.
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