Recipe Fried green tomato BLT on herbed burger buns


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12 May 2020
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Akron, OH
In the US, fried green tomatoes are a joyful part of summer, and what better way to showcase them other than putting them on a sandwich? BLTs (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) sandwiches are quite popular here in the US as well, so why not substitute the ripe, red tomato for crispy, flavorful fried green ones? That's exactly what I did here, and it was awesome! I made a spicy spread with roasted tomato, garlic, red jalapeno, and goat cheese as a condiment in lieu of boring old mayonnaise on my toasted homemade tarragon and thyme infused sandwich buns, along with some thick sliced, crispy, country-style bacon and fresh lettuce from the garden. Yum!

Fried green tomato BLT on herbed burger buns


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2-3 slices of thick, hearty bacon per sandwich
Fresh lettuce

Slice and toast the buns. Slather the desired amount of spicy tomato goat cheese spread on the inside of both halves. Place 2 fried green tomato slices on one half of the bun and lettuce on the other, then place the bacon strips on the lettuce side. Close the sandwich, then devour and enjoy!

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