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Discussion in 'Free From and Specialist Diets' started by SatNavSaysStraightOn, 15 Jun 2015.

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    Whilst browsing around various vegan websites for some lovely looking muffins that were gluten free.
    I can't help wondering what the combination of chocolate chips and blueberries would be like? However these muffins look really good. Is there anyone here who could taste test them?

    The site itself has a gluten free and a gluten free bread section and the breads look normal!

    The links see a little squewy to say the least, but it is worth putting up with it because even the gluten free stuff looks amazing!
  2. There's a blogger I like to read - you can find her blog at

    She was diagnosed as a celiac a couple of years ago, and now all of her recipes are gluten free. She makes a lot of amazing looking dishes - I've made a few of her recipes too and they've been delicious, and they're nice and family friendly too.

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