How do you fry your eggs?

I ask because this morning my lovely husband made us breakfast.
He likes to flip his egg and briefly cook the top where as I like mine half runny and half semi set with a non greasy (I’ll put them on kitchen towel briefly to achieve this) and completely white bottom.

This morning because he’s not used to the hob here he produced (and I know I’m going to sound oh so ungrateful now) a type of fried egg that I can’t abide, to the extent I can’t eat the white, I find the flavour metallic.

But I know some people like it so how do you have yours?

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Crispy bottomed eggs 🤢

I eat them pretty much all ways. It depends on what I am serving them with. If I'm having a hash. I will usually cook the eggs sunnyside up. Lots of amazing yolk, whites, ect..... If I am not cooking them sunnyside up. Then it is usually over easy. Flip the eggs once. Cook for a few seconds, and serve!
Due to being out and about for longer than anticipated the other day and there being nothing else gluten free on offer I reluctantly tried Starbucks eggbites. They were surprisingly good but I was very hungry which obv colours your judgment.

I now have to abandon my everything in Starbucks is absolute rubbish beliefs.. unless I have them again and declare them rubbish, not sure which way I’d like it to go 🤔😆
Corrected that for you! Saving bacon fat/grease is virtually unknown in UK/Europe.
You do have streaky bacon in the UK, so you could save the rendered grease. Then, since its virtually unknown, you can go around telling people that you invented it!

By the way, I store my bacon grease in a canning jar, refrigerated. It spreads nicely, even at refrigerated temps. This is a little more than the amount rendered from a pound of bacon.

You can tell them you invented that, too. :laugh:


And, oh yeah...back to the topic: it depends on where the eggs are going. If they're a topper to bibimbap, I'm expecting a crispy bottom. If not, then I'd prefer not. I want the white to be just set, and no further.
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