How to use the Partial Quote, Full Quote or Multi-Quote Features

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    Replying or quoting the entire post of a single member

    This one is nice and easy. You have all done it already by now.
    Just click on the Reply button relating to the message you wish to be quoted in your response. The message will automatically be put into your reply box in full. Now just type away as normal.


    Replying or quoting to more than one entire post

    So first, what do I mean? Well, I mean something like this.


    You will see that I have replied to more than one person within the same post.

    What we are trying to avoid is this...


    Here you will see that I have replied to 2 members but I have done it with 2 separate posts.

    So how do you achieve the top option where you reply to more than one member (quoting their entire post) in a single post?

    It's actually really easy.

    Instead of pressing the reply button in the bottom right of the post you want to reply to, click on the +Quote button.


    Now move on to the next member you want to reply to and click on their +Quote button. Just keep repeating until you have 'collected' as many as you want to reply to.

    When you have collected the one up that you want to reply to, all you need to do now is to click on the Insert Quotes... button. You will see that I haven't yet typed anything.


    I've highlighted a few items that are of interest including the instructions at the top of the box indicating that you can change the order of the quotes (they go in in the order you click on them, but here you can change your mind on that order). There is also the ability to Remove the quote if you have changed your mind and finally the button you really need to use, Insert These Quotes.


    Once you have clicked on the Quote Theses Messages button, you will get a reply box like this... and all you have to do now is type you message....


    I know, the first thoughts are OMG, what on earth is that. So let's break it down a touch. Every reply to someone has several parts to it. Understanding the 'code' is the key and it is really easy. All you need to do is to see the bit that is the start of the code, the member name, where their text is and the bit that says this is the end of the quote.


    So what does all of this add up to? Well it adds up to a single reply quoting more than one member.

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    Quoting part(s) of a message(s)

    Let's say that you want to discuss several points raised in a single reply. You want to make it clearer which response goes with which of the points.


    So I could start by saying

    As you can see it isn't really that clear...

    What I could do is reply in this manner instead.


    As you can see, it is clearer and my responses shorter as well, not having to refer to each ingredient each time because it was quoted above.

    So how do I quote only part of a reply, and part of the same reply multiple times?

    It is very similar to the above section, but there is one fundamental difference and that is where the +Quote button is that you click on.

    You need to highlight the portion of text you want to respond to. So turn it blue (and don't swear too much at the screen - people will start giving you strange looks!) Now once you have highlighted it, in the bottom right of the highlighted text (not the bottom right of the reply area) there will be a +Quote | Reply option that only exists when you highlight the text.


    The +Quote button will add the selected text to the multi-quote option. You will get a confirmation banner across the top of your screen (you may not see it if you don't actually look for it, it doesn't stay around long!) confirming that your text has been added to the multi-quote.


    Now all you do is go on to the next bit of text you want to quote, highlight it, click on the +Quote.... you get the idea.

    So what does the Reply button do? The Reply button will insert the highlighted text into the reply box and is there for if you simply want to quote part of a single member's post without any other quotes. It saves you quoting the entire post and trying to highlight the bit you want to talk about.

    So what if I want to quote part of a message of one member and part of a message of another member? It works exactly the same way, so just highlight the next bit you want and click on the +Quote option again when it pops up, move on to the next member's post and highlight the section of text you want from there...

    When you have selected all the quotes you want to include in your reply, click on Insert Quotes... button as before

    And as before, you get the pop up box with the parts of the posts, you can rearrange, remove or just add them to your reply by clicking on the Quote These Messages button and life is exactly the same as above.
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