Ketonic Diet

Discussion in 'Free From and Specialist Diets' started by classic33, 30 May 2017.

  1. A possibilty that I've had suggested to me in the past. But may have to be considering it again soon.

    Anyone tried it/been on it/on it?

    I can read all I want about it, but the information just isn't there. Despite all the hits any search will generate.

    For me, the careful weighing/measuring of everything is the biggest minus. But it also seems, going with what information I've been given, it could place restrictions on what I can do. Another minus for me.

    First-hand experience, anyone!!
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  2. Have you tried searching keto-adapted or paleo diet blogs?
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  3. I've searched the diet, and it seems to include a fair bit of weighing as well a good bit of what can't be used.

    If it was a weight loss diet, I might be able to get my head round the weighing out, but it's to more to try and keep a condition under control.

    It wouldn't be a keto-adjusted diet, just the straight diet. Which is why first hand experience would be welcome.
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  4. buckytom

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    What are the particulars of a Ketonic diet?
  5. Lynne Guinne

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    @classic33, I have a Facebook friend who has been on that diet for three years and has lost 100 pounds. Better yet, their cholesterol and blood sugar readings are excellent, as well as their blood pressure and all other health indicator readings. ~ Weighing and measuring seems to be the norm in the beginning, but I suppose one gets good at eyeballing it in a short while.
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  6. Lynne Guinne

    Lynne Guinne Senior Member

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    @buckytom, it's basically a high fat-low carb-medium protein diet. As in no pasta, bread or bakery. :eek:
  7. For myself, it'd be an attempt at bringing seizures/fits under control. Not the weight loss side.

    Kinda like a last ditch attempt, in order to treat bone thinning. Can't be done whilst on the stuff causing it.
  8. Lynne Guinne

    Lynne Guinne Senior Member

    New England
    In that case, I hope you find an eating plan that works for you. All the best, classic.
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  9. Thanks for that. The other option, removal of part of the brain wasn't even considered by me. It's got me this far, imperfect as it may be.
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