Making A Fatty

Discussion in 'Outdoor Cooking and BBQs' started by CraigC, 3 Dec 2017.

  1. CraigC

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    SE Florida
    A "Fatty" is a kind of meatloaf using bulk sausage (usually breakfast) that is stuffed, wrapped with a bacon lattice and smoked. We made this one using bulk andouille (not smoked) and ground pork.

    We added a layer of boudin (a Cajun sausage made with pork liver, pork and rice) and precooked Trinity (green bell pepper, onion and celery).


    I used a mild Mexican melting cheese instead of the cheddar normally used.

    The bacon lattice.

    The wrapped fatty.

    The finished fatty.

    I call this fatty a Cajun Hog Log because of the many Cajun ingredients.
  2. Shermie

    Shermie Veteran

    Brighton, MA.
    Looks DELISH!!!:wink:
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  3. ElizabethB

    ElizabethB Senior Member

    Lafayette, LA. US
    Go Dude! That looks amazing!
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  4. Frizz1974

    Frizz1974 Well-Known Member

    Looks amazing. Yum.
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  5. Topchefknives

    Topchefknives New Member

    I'm impressed. I think my family would love to try this! Cheers for the share.
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  6. CraigC

    CraigC Über Member

    SE Florida
    You might want to make something with regular breakfast sausage first. the andouille, and boudin were both home made.
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