Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Stove

First up is a go at cold smoked cheese.

These are all vegan cheeses. There's feta, parmesan, cream cheese with a spiced crust and three blocks of Cheddarton.

I used the air fryer tray so the smoke can circulate more freely.

They say 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

You are then supposed to let the flavour develop and mellow for a week or two.
One of those blocks of Cheddarton won't be maturing passed a couple of hours 😂
The smoking is complete!
I cut a corner off each block for immediate sampling and oof it's smokey!
I can see that it does need a week or two for the flavour to mellow and develop through the cheese.
At the moment it's very promising 🤞
The spicy cream cheese taste is good and ready to eat straight away 😋

In the app you have to give your appliance a name or identifier (in case you want add another Ninja oven) so I'm pleased to introduce to Mr Marley, named after the great smoker the one and only Bob Marley.


Part way.


and finished. I broke the feta picking it up in a daft way!

A couple of initial comments -
The ninja pellets are as all the reviewers say stupidly expensive compared with other better offerings. You do burn thought a lot of them in a short period so the Ninja branded ones are not a wise buy.

The power cord is ridiculously short. It must have been a deliberate choice by the manufacturers because everything else is so well thought out 🤷‍♀️

The pellet hopper is small and needs topping up every 40-60 mins but you don't have to open the lid or interfere with the chamber to top up the pellets, it's all very simple to use and to clean.

The app is great. Also simple to use and nice to have a quick check on your phone to see how long is left, I like the notifications telling you it's finished and that it switches itself off.

I'll be needing a second table for just outside the utility door as I can already tell this is going to be in use as an oven in the kitchen area even more than out on the patio as a BBQ!

All in all so far so good!
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