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    I find it really useful if I know what country someone is from/living in and was wondering if people didn't know how to add their location to just below their avatar.... It helps considerably when it comes to replying to people in other countries because of the often different use of the same word in cooking.

    So to add your location to your avatar, click on your member name in the top right hand corner


    And select "Personal Details" immediately under your avatar.


    Now simply fill out your location which is below your Date of Birth and above the section About You.
    It can be just a country, or the nearest town/city followed by a comma and your country or your county/state, country. If it fits this format, other members can click on it and a google map will come up and show them roughly where you live - so do think carefully. No full addresses. If we see them, we will remove or edit it for your own safety.

    Now just save the changes - at the bottom of the page.
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