Quickly adding Smilies or Emoticons


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11 Oct 2012
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These things... :whistling: :okay::D:cold::sun:🎃

They all have shortcut codes and if you know the code you don't have to search high and low to find the one you want.

Take my first example. I know that the code for it is :whistling: so if I type in "whistling" with colons on either side, :whistling: the system will convert it to an emicon for me. Some of them have more that one code and some don't have codes at all. To try it out, you can either write the entire thing out with the colon at the start and end (no spaces) or you can start with a colon then write the next 2 letters and if there is an emicon or smilie that contains those two letters you'll see a list pop up on the screen, just select the one you want. If you can't see yours in the list, add another letter or 2...

:wh gives

:whi gives

Just select the one you're after and it will be to your text.

And as mentioned, if you know the exact code :whale2:, you can just write the whole thing out and it gets added automatically when you click post.
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19 Apr 2015
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...of course, the other way to add them is to click on the smiley face in the toolbar of the post. Then you can scroll down and pick one or enter something into the search box. When you over your cursor over the smiley it also shows you the code.


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