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11 Oct 2012
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You will have noticed that I have done a mandatory "I've read the Site Rules..." re-confirmation today. It was last done back in May 2018 so it was well overdue.

I've updated the T&C's, mostly very minor changes that will not affect you: little things such as
  • a reminder to use the English language only (this is aimed at spammers)
  • that trying to by-pass the censoring by using images instead of text is still prohibited.
  • A reminder that politics in particular is not permitted on this board, though we do appreciate that currently it is more important members communicate, so we have relaxed this a touch currently but if it starts arguments or upsets others the post or thread will be removed or closed.
  • Bad language is still not acceptable
  • Advertising /spamming still results in your account being closed and marked as a spammer
  • A reminder on how to post recipes (with or without video). We do have guidelines here (Help)
  • formatting should still meet the site standard and not use excessive bold, colour or size changes.
  • Grammatical (or spelling for that matter) errors may still be corrected by moderators
  • and a few spelling mistakes of my own corrected!
It is my intention that from now on, I'll ask everyone to put a tick ✅ in that tick box annually.
If you want to re-read what you've just agreed to scroll to the very bottom of this, or any site page to the black Section and click on the link Terms and rules .
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