Recipe Rhubarb Gin

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  1. MrsDangermouse

    MrsDangermouse Senior Member

    Hampshire, UK
    Those of you in the UK will probably have noticed how popular gin is now - almost every pub has a gin & tonic menu and you can buy gin & tonic flavour cakes and ice cream in most supermarkets :ohmy:
    So in keeping with the trend, when the rhubarb on the allotment went crazy we decided to have a go a rhubarb gin.

    Its a very simple recipe, these are the volumes I used but they are totally customisable depending on your personal taste :D
    - 500ml London dry gin (just a basic one, don't bother with any of the fancy ones)
    - 500g rhubarb
    - 100g caster sugar (I should have used 200g per the original recipe, but I didn't want it too sweet)

    - First, wash your rhubarb and chop into smallish chunks and put into a glass jar with a lid
    - Add the sugar and mix well to ensure the rhubarb is coated
    - Close the lid and leave for 24 hours to macerate
    - After 24 hours add the gin
    - Close the lid and leave in a cool dark place for at least 4 weeks
    - Strain and bottle

    - Enjoy with ice and a mixer of your choice - I personally recommend ginger ale, hubby says its also nice with plain or elderflower tonic:okay:
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  2. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    I reckon that I'd love this as I love rhubarb - and what a glorious colour.
  3. MrsDangermouse

    MrsDangermouse Senior Member

    Hampshire, UK
    Yes I was particularly pleased at the colour it turned out :) I used a variety of rhubarb called Strawberry Surprise which keeps its colour even when cooked, I'm not sure if the colour intensity will be the same with other varieties. Its a little bit cloudy too because I used golden caster sugar - the recipe did suggest to use white sugar for exactly that reason but I didn't have any - it didn't affect the taste though :okay:
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  4. rascal

    rascal Senior Member

    I've got lots of gin here, just got to find some rhubarb, so simple and easy, and different. I love different. Love the colour.

  5. MrsDangermouse

    MrsDangermouse Senior Member

    Hampshire, UK
    If you like gin then keep an eye of for reports of our future up will be strawberry gin, and rhubarb and vanilla :okay:
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  6. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Midlands, England

    Leicester UK
    I like rhubarb but don't like rhubarb gin, I tried it with ginger ale which was recommended by a couple of friends but not keen to be honest. Just not a gin drinker.

    Enjoy your gin, it look a lovely colour :okay:
  7. Mountain Cat

    Mountain Cat Active Member

    I'm curious to try this with vodka, as I'm also not a fan of gin. I bet it could be good!
  8. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    I think it would work very well.

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