Recipe Rye bread


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2 Sep 2022
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7:26 AM
Zambezi Valley, Zambia
Rye bread
(From memory)

65% hydration

60 % rye flour (400 gr)
40 % ap flour (200 gr)
2 % salt

I think around 3-4 gr instant yeast.

Mixed all, except salt till it formed a ball.
Feels real weird compared to all wheat flour
I wanted to let it stand for 30 minutes before adding salt, but forgot and it was more like 2 hours.
Kneaded in the salt.
Then 3 stretch & folds 45 minutes apart.
Then left for 3? Hours
Shaped into sort of batard/baquettes but as you can see I forgot what was the original bottom in the one in the top of the picture.
Left to rest for 30 minutes covered in bakers linen (couche)
Scored and straight away put in pre-heated gas oven on high, just a little spritz of water (gas ovens are quite humid). Top shelve.
It took about 30 minutes.
I used an instant read thermometer to check.
Left to cool down in the oven.

I can't do much better than this as I ran out of rye flour

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