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1 Apr 2016
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12:47 AM
London/Essex border, UK
Our Kate (English Setter) doesn't drool, though she has big droopy flews that seem to be made for it.

When we first moved here, the neighbors had a mastiff that used to love to come over and see Kate. He towered over her. He drooled like a waterfall, and after 10 minutes of playing, she looked like she'd been for a swim in the drool pool. 🤤
when I'm eating anything, Tippy comes over and rests his snout on my knee. I sometimes think I'd stay drier if I ate my dinner in the bath :whistling:


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25 Aug 2019
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6:47 PM
Dallas, TX
I just woke up at almost three AM, with my MacBook next to me, and psycho-poodle next to it. I don't think he much cared for that order of priorities.

My parents have a poodle, too. Theirs is 14 years old and has canine diabetes. She probably won't be around another year. Teddy seems to know that. Instinct. He has been very kind and gentle with their poodle, Annabel. They used to wrestle and play rough with each other. I honestly think he knows she is old, and not long for this world. She was sleeping on one of her dog beds, and Teddy curled up next to her and the two of them took a nap together.

We humans can learn a lot from dogs.

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