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    Well, I'm not diabetic, but I like to keep my carbs fairly low in the winter when I am less active and tend to gain weight. I've been making the soup seen in my profile pic for years, but I'm looking for alternatives. The soup in my pic is what I call Hot Dog Soup and it's super simple to make and delicious. Even kids love it! I just take a nice quality beef hot dog and cut it into coin shapes and throw it in a pot. Then I add some chopped cabbage, onion and some butter. I cover the mixture with water and add any additional spices I want. Then I turn the temp on the stove to high and cover the pot with a lid. In five minutes or so, I have a nice hot tasty soup with very few carbs. I love it, but I need some options. So, what are your favorite low carb soups that are good for warming you up on cold winter days?
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    A diabetic soup, pardon me for the label, is occasionally cooked by my sister for her diabetic daughter. It is a simple chicken soup with strips of cabbage, actually more cabbage than chicken. Sometimes she mixes some carrot cubes to make it healthier. Chicken soup, according to my sister who is a nurse in a government hospital, has a calming effect not only on diabetics but on people in general. So it is really good to cook chicken soup once in a while.
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