Recipe Swedish bitter chocolate & peppermint cake (kladdkaka)


Retired cook
29 Jul 2019
Local time
9:25 AM
The Netherlands

The peppermint essence is not traditional, and neither are the dark chocolate chunks. But I figured the mint would add some freshness as it's quite hot here, and I had a bar of dark chocolate that needed using up so I figured I could make an After Eight version of Kladdkaka.

- 150 g butter
- 3 eggs
- 105 g sifted self rising flour
- 50 g cocoa powder
- 275 g sugar
- 100 g 70% dark chocolate
- Peppermint essence to taste
- Pinch of salt
Spring form of 25 cm diameter
2 mixing bowls
Neutral oil for brushing
Baking paper
Icing sugar to garnish

1) Preheat the oven at 175 degrees celcius. Line the spring form with baking paper, and brush the baking paper with oil.
2) Melt the butter in a pan or microwave, let cool a little.
3) Mix the eggs, sugar and peppermint essence in one bowl. Mix the flour, salt and cocoa powder in another. Chop the chocolate in coarse chunks, then mix through the flour mix.
4) Mix the melted butter through the flour & chocolate mix, then pour the mixture through the eggs & sugar. Whisk until you have a shiny batter.
5) Pour into lined spring form, then bake for 16 minutes.
6) Let cool until mellow, and sieve icing sugar on it
7) If you want to make it more fancy, serve with sweetened whipped cream & berries.
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