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    @morning glory Now you have tried the Pibil, its time to try something where pineapple actually belongs!

    1 large white onion, halved
    1 pineapple, peeled, cut crosswise into 1/2-inch-thick rounds
    1/2 cup fresh orange juice
    1/4 cup distilled white vinegar
    1/4 cup guajillo chili powder
    3 garlic cloves, halved
    2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt
    1 teaspoon dried oregano (preferably Mexican)
    1 teaspoon ground cumin
    1 large or 2 small chipotle chiles and 1 to 2 teaspoons adobo from canned chipotle chiles in adobo
    1 2 1/2-to 3-pound boneless pork loin, cut into 1/2-inch slices
    1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
    Corn or flour tortillas
    Smoky Two-Chile Salsa
    Lime wedges

    1) Coarsely chop 1 onion half. Coarsely chop 2 pineapple rounds, discarding core; cover and chill remaining pineapple. Place chopped onion and chopped pineapple in blender.
    2) Add orange juice and next 7 ingredients; puree marinade until smooth.
    3) Place pork in large resealable plastic bag. Add marinade and seal bag, releasing excess air. Turn to coat. Chill at least 4 hours and up to 1 day.
    4) Prepare barbecue (medium-high heat).
    5) Grill remaining pineapple until warm and slightly charred, 4 to 6 minutes per side.
    6) Grill pork with some marinade still clinging until slightly charred and cooked through, 2 to 4 minutes per side.
    7) Transfer pineapple and pork to work surface; chop pineapple into 1/2-inch cubes, discarding cores. Chop pork. Transfer to platter; toss to combine.
    8) Meanwhile, finely chop remaining onion half and place in medium bowl. Add cilantro; toss to combine.
    9) Grill tortillas until warm and slightly charred, about 10 seconds per side.

    Serve pork-pineapple mixture with onion-cilantro relish, Smoky Two-Chile Salsa, and lime wedges.

    Smoky Two Chili Salsa

    8 large dried guajillo chilis or New Mexico chilis, stemmed, seeded, coarsely torn
    2 cups hot water
    1/2 medium onion, halved lengthwise through core end
    3 garlic cloves, peeled
    1 to 2 chipotle chilis and 1 to 2 teaspoons adobo from canned chipotles in adobo
    1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
    2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
    Coarse kosher salt

    1) Place torn chilis in bowl.
    2) Add 2 cups hot water; soak at least 2 hours or overnight. Drain chiles, reserving soaking liquid.
    3 Heat small nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add onion and garlic to dry skillet; cook until browned in spots, about 6 minutes for garlic and 10 minutes for onion.
    4)Trim core end and skin from onion.
    5) Place onion and garlic in blender.
    6) Add drained chilis, 1 cup soaking liquid, 1 chipotle chili, 1 teaspoon adobo, cilantro, and lime juice; puree until smooth.
    7) Add remaining chipotle and 1 teaspoon adobo, if desired; puree.
    8) Transfer to bowl. Season to taste with coarse salt.

    DO AHEAD: Can be made 1 week ahead. Cover and chill. Do not add cilantro if you make this ahead. Add it 1 hour before serving.
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    Well pork and pineapple certainly go together - but I really think this needs to be cooked on a grill (BBQ) - I think it could be a recipe for the summer when I may try to resurrect my derelict BBQ. - unless you think it could be adapted to cook in my limited kitchen.
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    Just like ham & eggs, franks & beans, lamb & mint jelly, cranberry sauce & poultry, peanut butter & jelly!! hah!! :wink:
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  4. CraigC

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    You probably could, but you just won't get the same flavor.
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    Looks good! Thanks! :)
    I'll have to try it &/or meld it with the pibil recipe ;-)
    Saw a cooking show today where they used roasted pineapple salsa on the side (roasted the whole pineapple before trimming)
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