The General Chat Thread (2024)

It’s been a bit of a chaotic week, for various reasons.

Last week I was minding my own business when the chimney sweep called, we’re due for a cleaning. Ok fine, right now is the cheapest price of the year, so I scheduled that.

The next day, I headed to the closet to grab a pair of pants. Flipped the light switch and heard “Brrrrrrrrrrr POP!” Opened the door and smoke came out! Took out the bulb, then tried to turn on the bedroom light…no dice. Turned out the breaker had flipped. So we reset the breaker, tried turning on the closet light again, and more smoke! Husband took out the fixture, it’s all scorched and the wires are black, he thinks maybe something short circuited. The electrician is coming later this week.

Then today, I opened the closet where the heat pump is…and discovered water flooding. Oh joy.

Normally, the condensate flows into a container with a pump and float valve. When the water level gets high enough, it triggers the float valve, and the pump starts up and pumps the water to drain. Obviously, this had not been happening.

So husband took the pump apart. I’m not sure what he was trying to accomplish, but he took it apart, dropped it, lost a piece, I found the piece, reassembled the whole thing (I had helpfully stood there and made sure none of the screws got lost) and then it still didn’t work. So he ordered a new pump online, which should arrive tomorrow, let’s hope it works.

We’ve had to turn off the heat pump and we’re under a heat warning…thankfully temps are down to 23 degrees which is at least cool enough to sleep. We can always turn on the unit for a bit to cool off and manually empty the condensate if we have to.

Houses are money pits.
I'm going to be taking a break from CB for a while. It is stressing me out too much when I need to be concentrating on university and my Masters degree. I've just been sent the information regarding the next software upgrade which has to take place in the next 6 months. This upgrade means a lot of re-configuration to the site, and testing as well as trying to match the existing CB colour scheme to the 'new' one. It's quite a big upgrade and I need to make sure it happens when I'm on a no-university week so that I can check all that add-ons and extras actually work with the new version, etc.

So until I've found a routine with my studies and the 48hrs a week expected of me, and until I've worked out how much I already know from working in the field since 1998, I don't be on CB anywhere near as much.
Very well watered! The plants have started taking swimming lessons.
Never fails…I’ve waited and waited for rain over the last few days, flowers were looking poorly, dirt in the pots shrinking back, so I finally watered yesterday…and it poured. Twice. After they said it wouldn’t.
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