This is blowing my mind (eggs)


16 Jun 2018
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6:00 PM
I'm making soft boiled eggs and I looked at a recipe (because last time I had bad luck) and this one says to add a bit of baking soda to the water (I have no idea what it will do, I'm just following directions). Anyways, the water will NOT go above 210 degrees. I cannot get a rolling boil, only a simmer. How does the baking soda prevent the water from actually boiling? Adding bicarbonate to the water creates an exothermic reaction and should actually RAISE the temperature, not prevent it from rising.
there are a bunch of 'kitchen tales' about eggs.
add salt, vinegar, baking soda . . . actually does nothing.

your point: should raise the boiling point - absolutely correct.
is the burner big enough/powerful enough for the pot size and amount of water?
- you might want to check the ThermoPro - using a smaller pot that you can "see" is at a rolling boil.

here's the rest of my rantings....

How to cook the perfect soft boiled egg
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