Tiebreaker for The CookingBites Prize Challenge: 'En Papillote'

Which is your favourite dish?

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11 Oct 2012
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The poll had closed with 3 clear winners in the CookingBites 'En Papillote' Prize Challenge.
Congratulations go to third place winner @detroitdad with his Salmon dish.

Overall the results are
Joint 1st. Chicken En Papillote with Soy Sauce, Chill and Mushrooms 7 vote(s)
Joint 1st. Chicken breasts on spinach, mushroom bed, en papillote 7 vote(s)
3rd. En Papillote Dill and Lemon Salmon 5 vote(s)
4th. Lemon ginger shrimp en papillote 4 vote(s)
5th. Salmon, leek and marscapone en papillote 3 vote(s)
5th. Cherry Cakes ‘en ‘papillote' 3 vote(s)
5th. Cabbage Wedge Stuffed with Juniper Butter ‘en papillote' 3 vote(s)
8th. Fish en Papillote with blackberry sauce 2 vote(s)
8th. Foil packet sausages, potatoes, cabbage and onions 2 vote(s)
8th. Lotus Root Crab Bake 2 vote(s)
11th. En papillote lemon and curry cubed chicken 1 vote(s)

And so we need to choose first and second place and it is done by a tiebreaker. I'm giving 1 week to run this tiebreaker.
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