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Welcome to our community, where we hope you find some interesting new people to chat to and have great fun learning from others and sharing your own experiences and expertise.

As an anti-spam measure we limit the features of new accounts, but once you made a few posts and been registered for a few weeks you will find that things open up.

To begin with you won't be able to upload pictures or files, or add a signature to your user account - these become available after you've made some posts on the forums - so get stuck in and introduce yourself, chat with a few regulars in the off-topic forum, and before you know it you'll have all the goodies! :thumbsup:

You can change the way the site alerts you about things by clicking on your username (upper right - next to the Inbox) and selecting Alert preferences.

You can set your own Avatar (the picture that appears next to all your posts) by clicking on your username and selecting Avatar. Then just chose an image on your computer and the board will upload it (tip: you can move the picture around with the mouse if it's not centered how you'd like).

You can add a Signature (text and links that appear underneath all your posts) by clicking your username and selecting Signature.

Please be sure to check the site guidelines for details of what is and isn't allowed and if you have any doubts about something you want to say or post, please feel free to check with the moderator team, send a personal conversation to the site owner, or use the Contact Us link at the bottom right of the home page.

If you see any spam on the site or anything you feel shouldn't be here just click the report link under the post to tell the moderator team why you feel it needs attention.

Everything else should be pretty straight forward but if you have any questions or problems with using the site just post in the Support forum and we'll do what we can to help.

Emma :D
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