What are featured threads & how to feature or dismiss one

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    Featured Threads

    What are Featured Threads?

    Featured Threads are threads that have been `featured` either by the moderators or by the system automatically when then have gained sufficient activity and likes. (insert details - figures etc)

    This is a featured thread - highlighted in red.

    They can appear on the home page or they can appear at the top of any of the forums or sub-forums.

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    How to feature a thread

    You can't, only moderators can.

    But if you see a thread you really like and think should be featured, you can bring it to our attention using the report button and asking for it to be featured. We would appreciate a reason as to why you think it should be featured.

    So, say you are reading the thread on mentioning another member, using the @ and think it should be featured. If you click on the "Report" button, you will get a box up that allows you to add anything (text wise) to the report.


    You have to add something. You can't just leave the message box blank. This is where you say what the 'reason' or 'issue' is with the post and it is the post you click report on that we get the alert about. When it comes to featuring a thread, this isn't really too important, but if there were other problems with a post, it needs to be the report button linked to that particular post.


    So, just enter an explanation and click on Report Post. Done.

    We will get an alert saying that you have reported the post and why. We see your reason. No-one else will get to know that you have reported the post, only the moderators know. If we agree that the post should be featured (in this case again), we will feature the post and you will see it come up, typically in a few hours to a day.

    Don`t be afraid to ask for a thread to be featured. It shows you care about the site.
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    Dismissing a Featured thread

    First of all, you can't dismiss all featured threads. Sometimes we will set a featured thread so that you can't dismiss it. It could be that there is site maintenance to be done and we want you to know and not forget. So these instructions may not always work.

    But it is possible for you to dismiss a featured thread if you have 'seen enough' of it and we have allowed it (by default we allow).

    Here's how.

    To the right of the featured thread, there is a little drop down arrow. Click on it.

    If it is missing, you can't dismiss the featured thread as with "The CookingBites Recipe Challenge" above.

    Assuming it is there, up will pop a little option called "Dismiss Featured Thread". Guess what you do next!
    Select it! Nice and easy....

    Finally, you will get to see a confirmation across the top of the site.
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