What did you cook/eat today (November 2019)

30 Mar 2017
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5:54 AM
Detroit, USA

My kids said they want to start making things themselves more often, so I tried to oblige them. I trimmed a bunch of chicken breasts, using the scraps to make sausage and left them individually bagged, perfect chicken breasts. Then, after the second day in a row of them making frozen dinners, I decided it was time to act.

These are for me, though the burger is for dinner, and the chicken breast will be cut into chunks and put on a salad. I seasoned the chicken with Herbs de Provence, sage, and – strange it sounds – mayo. I just read that one of my favorite chefs - J Kenji Lopez-Alt - advocates a thin layer of mayo on the outside of just about anything that goes into a pan. It creates a nice crust, lets the seasoning distribute evenly, and things don’t taste like mayonnaise. I’m definitely going to use this technique again.

The burger is a 50-50 blend of ground beef and homemade pork sausage blended with chipotle peppers.

Sorry, kids. Well, not really.


1 Apr 2016
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10:54 AM
London/Essex border, UK
Breakfast was fruit and nut muesli with milk and home-made yoghurt and some dates and dried figs, and lunch was a cheese and mustard pickle sandwich. Snacks were a couple of choccy biscuits and a mince pie. I had potato and broccoli curry for dinner.

Potato and broccoli curry.jpg

The photo is not very clear as it was steaming hot in more ways that one. There were 4 or 5 green chillies in there plus some hot red chilli powder! I had the last chunk of bread from the white sourdough I made earlier in the week. There is enough left over to make soup for Saturday's lunch.

Afters was one of the "brick" pears I bought last week which had finally ripened up, with home made custard (flour and whey with a little milk and an egg whisked in it).


Uncomfortably numb
3 Oct 2016
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4:54 PM
Nakhorn Nowhere, N. E. Thailand.
I found some marinade in the freezer yesterday. The title on the tub had virtually rubbed off. It was red so I'm guessing it's for chicken. I dropped 400 gms of chicken in it today.

We shall no doubt see.

I may put the pieces on skewers.
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