What did you cook or eat today (December 2020)?

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Earl and a giant cookie that has shrunk and named now a treat cookie added. Everyone's down sizing, p$@@$& me off.

Maybe it will be better tomorrow. Maybe you could bake your own and make them as big as you want!
Yes, in the US companies do that all the time. I heard a funny recorded rant from some guy who called into Jimmy Dean Sausage to complain because they changed the package size from 16 oz. to 12 oz. Not sure if it's real or not, but it's pretty darned hilarious. I wonder if you Google it you could find it and listen to it?
The first of the vegan advent calendar chocolates made in Hobart Tasmania.

A chocolate truffle (liquor) of some kind. I'm not that good at identifying liquors unless they come with a label, or happen to be whisky. It wasn't whisky.
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Salad with pickled mango, cucumber, avocado and bell pepper.

And this with some biscuits:
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