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Where do you create a thread when it can have more than one home?

First of all, recipes and discussions all get homed in the same place. After all where better to talk about a topic or concept than where the recipes would be found?

Let me explain. I'll take lasagne as an example. The answer depends on the contents of that thread irrespective of it being a recipe or a discussion. What is the primary subject of that thread?
  • If we were talking about lasagne in general, then it would fall under Rice, Pasta, Pulses and Grains if it was mostly about the actual lasagne sheets itself or if it was a thread about the history of lasagne.
  • If we were specifically talking about Beef Lasagne then it could go under Meat and Poultry or Rice, Pasta, Pulses and Grains, but given that the primary subject is beef, it would be better off in Meat and Poultry.
  • if it was Chicken Lasagne then similarly under Meat and Poultry,
  • if it was Fish Lasagne then it would be under Fish and Seafood
  • If it was about a Vegetable Lasagne then, again, it is the filling we are talking about so then it would be under Vegetables, Salads and Mushrooms (or if you really wanted Vegetarian and Vegan which would clarify the requirement for a Vegetable Lasagne to be vegetarian - often they are not (having beef or chicken stock or an animal rennet based cheese in them)).
  • If it was about a Ricotta and Spinach Lasagne, then, again, it is the filling here that is the primary subject and there are a few forums it could go under. Ricotta is the first ingredient in the title, so I would be taking that as a guide - so it would probably be best under Eggs, Cheese and Dairy. But again it could go under
    Vegetarian and Vegan
    if you really wanted it to, assuming that you have sourced vegetarian ricotta or specifically wanted a vegetarian or vegan version of the dish.)​
  • Chocolate Pasta - that could go under Rice, Pasta, Pulses and Grains because it is so very specific, it would clearly be better under Sweets and Desserts.
So, you need to decide what the overall subject is - the subject of the dish (lasagne) or the filling (beef/chicken/fish/vegetable/ricotta & spinach) and take it from there.

What if you are after ideas for fillings for lasagne? Where then? Well that would fall under the general heading of lasagne and you need to make it clear that you are after ideas for fillings and you would create your thread under Rice, Pasta, Pulses and Grains. If you are specifically after meat fillings, then you are back to Meat and Poultry etc.

Where do some oriental dishes fall?
Well look at how the dish is made and take a guess from there. I'll take Dim Sum which has recently come up as an example. Dim Sum are Chinese Dumplings typically steamed. The shell is made from flour, salt and water (boiling water, but water nonetheless). That is pretty similar to pasta (which does not have to be egg pasta), so if we are talking about the general concept of them, not the fillings, then Rice, Pasta, Pulses and Grains would be a good place to start. After that, if the main theme of the thread, or the actual recipe is the primary idea behind the thread, then you would break it down as for the lasagne idea.

What happens if a thread has been moved? Generally if a thread has been moved to a new forum, it is because the main subject has either changed or the thread was simply created in the wrong place in the first instance. Just raise a report (using the report button) on the first post in the thread and ask. Please don't do it in the thread itself.
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