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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Julien and following successful induction on the new member introductions thread I was asked to create a thread in this very sub-forum.

    As I explained, I am Dijon native and always been annoyed at large conglomerate naming their paste "Dijon mustard" when it is in fact made in purfleet with Canadian & Russian seeds.

    I have therefore taken on the enormous task of creating my own mustard. Made in Dijon, with Dijon wine (or must, to be accurate), and using mixture of Dijon seeds & others (as sadly the seed production of Burgundy is not large enough to support the product right now).

    I am quite confident that the stuff taste amazing, but I now need to delve into the intricate & confusing world of marketing to know how Brits use & abuse their mustard, what do they do with it, where do they buy it, etc.

    I have done a local survey (East Dulwich & Brockley, where I live) and the results where very interesting (at least for me). For instance, people who buy their mustard in independent shops tend to 1) be aged between 35 & 50, 2) use it for dressings & sauces over eating with meat (only category of responders to do so) and 3) favor Maille over Colman's (although they are both made in the same place & buy the same machine).

    I have created a little google thing online, with the questions I was asking people in the street, if some of you want to have a go it is here: https://goo.gl/forms/Wr6Kgel682ePMOBH3

    Otherwise the debate is open: what do we do with our mustard? Which one do we buy and where?

    PS: I am also likely to run a free tasting of my mustard in East Dulwich, next Saturday, if some of you are around I will confirm timing & place.
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    I've completed your survey and according to your findings above I'm in the minority, being over 60 and using mustard in every which way possible including with meat, in dressings and sauces, sandwiches and for dips, marinades and rubs! For the latter, Coleman's mustard powder is useful.

    Regarding Maille and Colemans - they are different in taste with Coleman's English Mustard being much hotter. Recently I have been buying a particularly hot English mustard - far hotter than Coleman's.


    You did not mention French's mustard (hot-dog type mustard) in your survey. I used to dislike it but recently tried it again and I'm now a fan of that too! I use it more like a dip for chips or vegetables.

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  3. Francesca

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    I am a grand fan of Dijon Mustards, the velvety, the old grain and the green ..

    I also love Burgundy or Violette Dijon prepared with grapes and red Burgundy wine ..

    I use Dijon with: Charcuterie, Potato Salad, Baguette Sándwiches for example Roast Beef or Roast Chicken and in Vinaigrettes for salads ..

    My husband is French so we have a distributor for my parents small local Gerona / Barcelona hospitality Company and we buy our Dijon from this producer .. They are artesanal and in emergencies I keep a few jars of Maille Dijon in the pantry ..

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