Do you stick with one brand of small appliances for the kitchen?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Appliances, Cookware, Cookbooks & Recipes' started by Shermie, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. Shermie

    Shermie Über Member

    Brighton, MA.
    How many of you do that?

    Sometimes, it is hard to do, depending on what you are looking for. All of ,mine are from different companies. I mainly like Cuisinart though :wink:
  2. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb

    There's a right load of Chinese crap sold here.

    I used to insist on Philips (when available) even though it was double the price (and also made in China). Now since Cuisinart is being stocked in our local superstore, I've tended toward that make but there's really nothing that we need at present.
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  3. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    Mine are a hotchpotch of different brands.
  4. medtran49

    medtran49 Über Member

    SE Florida
    Nope, I research and get whatever brand has the features we want and the best reviews.
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  5. Karen W

    Karen W Senior Member

    Not always. I'm fickle. Someone is always building a bigger better mouse trap.
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