Recipe The Venetian Triology: The Bellini, The Rossini & The Tizziano

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  1. Francesca

    Francesca Guest

    My husband and I are in Venice enjoying the incredibly dazzling dynamic enchanting San Marco´s and The Grand Canal ..

    This evening, we had headed off to the legendary mythic bar of 1930, Harry´s Bar for a triology of cocktails ..

    The Bellini:
    15 cl. Blonde Prosecco
    5 cl. Pureed peach Italian Icecream ( do not peel )
    Place the Pureed icecream in a large cold tulip shaped cocktail glass and pour the Sparkling wine on top .. Shake or stir !

    The Rossini:
    The same except with pureed Strawberry Icecream ..

    The Tizziano:
    The same except with Black Grape Mosto ( Must in English ) ..
    Wash and slice the grapes to remove the seeds and blend or use a stand up mixer to lquidify and place in Large stemware glass and pour in the Prosecco ..

    Lovely treat ..
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  2. MypinchofItaly

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    Enjoy your magic trip in Venezia @Francesca ! And Bellini is one of my fave cocktails besides Mimosa..
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  3. Francesca

    Francesca Guest


    Yes, just having a wonderful Gastro Eno adventure .. Shall tell you about Murano ..

    Simply spectacular even though a bit touristy ..

    The Bellini is awesome !

    For centuries, the name Murano has been synonomous with fine glassware production as you known and in 1292, the glassblowers of Venezia were relocated to the Islet Murano to protect Venice from the fires, and the artisans´ blazing furnaces - an isolation that also secured the city´s glass making secrets and methods.

    The Lagoon´s sand and marine life were used to create a unique material for producing glass.

    Glass furnaces continue to line the glassmakers´ part of the canal and are a Federation called Fondamenta del Verrai, where one can also purchase the amazingly sensational vivid glassware and stemware ..

    Spent a morning browsing the shops and had lunch at a charming trattoria near the main bridge, Ponte Vivarini ..

    My husband speaks Italian so we were able to get the history of the Islet, restaurant information & where to go´s and where to buy´s.

    Have a lovely evening ..
    Buonasera ..
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  4. MypinchofItaly

    MypinchofItaly Über Member Recipe Challenge Judge

    @Francesca last time hubby and I have been to Venezia was three years ago exatly during this time, from 1st January to 6th..a magic week and we have visited Murano of course (bought glasses gifts), Burano (fantastic and less touristy, I left my heart there) as I mentioned to you recently and Torcello.If you like and know him, visit Carlo Goldoni house, venetian writer and playwright. Goldoni was the Italian Shakespeare...or Shakespeare was the English Goldoni? :D

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