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Discussion in 'The CookingBites Cafe' started by sidevalve, May 14, 2018.

  1. sidevalve

    sidevalve Senior Member

    Durham NE. England
    Just wondering what do we all listen to ? In the kitchen does it help to play the music of your choice while chopping the vegetables ? What makes us all relax ? We both listen to Classic FM [I used to listen to Terry Wogan on the way to work - one for the brits there] but sinece he retired we've both turned over to the classic station. Anybody play their own choices on CD's or I Pod [??]
  2. detroitdad

    detroitdad Senior Member

    Ypsilanti, MI.
    Sirius radio , station 40, liquid metal

    View: https://youtu.be/5uwyvvxNvqQ
  3. CraigC

    CraigC Senior Member

    SE Florida
    My listening tends to be done on long road trips when the local stations are out of range. I plug my Ipod up. I listen to older country, bluegrass, Cajun and older rock.
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  4. morning glory

    morning glory Obsessive cook Staff Member

    BBC Radio 4 (talk station with factual programming and some drama) at home and in car. Sometimes LBC (London talk station) in car. But no listening in the kitchen. If I listen to music it is usually trance.
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  5. The Late Night Gourmet

    The Late Night Gourmet Über Member Recipe Challenge Judge

    Detroit, USA
    I spend most of my time in the car listening to Sirius 37 (Octane, what I'd call "New Metal"), but I do stop by 40 on occasion. The rest of the time, I listen to 91.7 (WUOM, which has Public Radio...my brother is a news reader on that station).

    Since I do my cooking at night, I don't tend to have a soundtrack (then, I'd be hearing that I have to turn it down AND open the windows/turn on the fan, instead of just open the windows/turn on the fan). But, if I did, it would probably be classical music: I'd want something to keep the rhythm...there'd be too much danger of me getting my adrenaline going with metal blasting, which is usually not good for precision.

    But, after the meal is prepared, I'd want to unwind with something heavy. Maybe with headphones, so as not to wake up the house. :headphone:
  6. detroitdad

    detroitdad Senior Member

    Ypsilanti, MI.
    When I'm not hanging out at station 40, I hit turbo up at 41. Sometimes they get a little light for me.

    I do most of the cooking at the house. On weekdays I'm usually cooking something fairly easy, helping with the dogs, flirting with my wife, ect.....

    Weekends, especially SUN's is where I get to experiment with my dishes. That is primarily with I like to listen to the crazy heavy tunes. Colleen hates that stuff, so during the week its light rock at best :(
  7. For the radio it's BBC 6 Music, but mostly I listen to CDs, or stream off Youtube
  8. Shermie

    Shermie Über Member

    Brighton, MA.
  9. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    SatNavSaysStraightOn (Site Owner) Staff Member

    NSW, Australia
    Few people have heard of most of the artists/composers/bands I listen to, but some you will be familiar with are JD, Enya, Clannad, Loreena McKennitt, Clara Dillon, Kate Rushy (Yorkshire folk singer), Armand Amar, Hans Zimmer and Runrig.

    I don't really listen to the radio at all (unless there is an emergency, and ten only the emergency channel).
  10. oddduck

    oddduck Well-Known Member

    I tend to sing in the kitchen...i live alone so no one is there to complain about the sound except for the cats tho sometimes they are mean critics. In the 3 1/2 minutes it took me to heat something in the microwave this afternoon i sang silent night and puff the magic dragon...i did miss a verse somewhere singing about puff not sure how i skipped over it cause i missed the noble kings and princes would bow when ere they came part.
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  11. Yorky

    Yorky Uncomfortably numb

    We don't have many radio stations available here with other than Thai music so I normally listen to CDs and USB sticks. Anything from Armatrading to Yardbirds.

    hi-fi oct s.jpg
    That image was captured some time ago but we still have the CRT (Soon to be replaced).

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