Terms & Conditions of Donations

Donations T&Cs.

First, as much as I hate to have to do this, I'd like to clarify the nature of donations. This may seem harsh or extreme even, but it has to be done. The T&Cs may seem exceptionally obvious, but by making a donation, you are agreeing to the following rules, which are not exhaustive and are subject to change:
  • Donations are completely voluntary - You under no obligation to donate to be a member of this site, nor is it expected of you to donate. Just because you have found the Donate button does not mean that you have to use it. However, all donations, no matter how large or small are much appreciated. Anything you can give will help with the cost of the upgrades.

  • Donating does not entitle you, in any way whatsoever, to have any say in how the site is run or where the site is hosted; it does not entitle you to have any say who can and can't be a member, nor does it entitle you to have any influence who is or is not a staff member. You are simply making a donation to assist with the running costs, maintenance, renewal of licencing and certificates and other such costs incurred by this site.

  • It is my decision and my decision only, as the site owner, on how your donation is used for the support and maintenance of this site.

  • There are no refunds Just to make it clear, I'll repeat. There are no refunds. If you decide to leave the site, or are excluded/banned from the site after making a donation(s), you are not entitled to any (full or partial) refund of your donation(s). (The only exception to the no refunds policy will be where a clear error has been made and a payment has been duplicated by clicking on the PayPal donate icon more than once during the course of a single transaction.)

  • You can donate as many times as you like, but the rules are still the same.

  • By donating, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

What your Donation goes towards:

We are exceptionally lucky that the previous owner and founder of this site, continues to host this site, therefore we do not have all of the overheads that other sites do. However, I still have to meet the following overheads: Again, this list is not exhaustive, it is just an example of some of the running costs
  • Domain Name Renewal (Keeping www.CookingBites.com as our address)
  • Platform License (Licence Renewal Program) (We use the XenForo forum platform with additional features such as enhanced search and media gallery.)
  • Platform Support Agreement Renewal (When the worst happens, we have their help available to us along with that of the founder, to get us back up and running as quickly as possible. Additionally continued payment of the support fees allows for free upgrades to new versions of the software.)
  • The 18-20 Add-on Licenses we have in use at present (Upgrades and/or Renewals of) (Examples include the extras like this Donate Add-on, the Featured threads add-on, the Countdown Timer or the Ignore Threads/Members add-on. Some you see and some you don't (such as the add-ons that prevents this board from being filled with spam and advertising). Two or three are free, but most are not. Costs vary from US$15 to GBP£45 per add-on and from one-off payments to quarterly renewals.)
  • PayPal Fees. Yes, I get to pay the PayPal fees, so I don't get to see all of your donation, so please consider this when making a donation.

Questions and Answers

  • Can donations be anonymous? Yes, they can. There is a tick box when you make the donation to make it anonymous. Just tick the box and no-one will see who donated what.
  • What if you don't have a PayPal account? You can use PayPal without having to have a PayPal account, provided that you have a credit card. Simply following the instructions that PayPal provide.
  • What if you still want to donate, but don't wish to go anywhere near PayPal? Please send me (SatNavSaysStraightOn) a PM and if you have a British or Australian bank account we can setup a bank transfer (established members only).
Finally, should you wish to donate in a currency that is not visible, please send me (SatNavSaysStraightOn) a PM and I will add the currency concerned. Last updated 24th September 2019
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