1. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Bison (or Beef) Steak Tartare

    This is essentially steak tartare, which is raw meat from a very healthy source, and very fresh (or freshly thawed if you get the meat shipped to you from afar, like I did). I opted to go simple this time. Beef tartare has its origins in Mongolia, and the French have adapted a preparation to...
  2. Mountain Cat

    Recipe Clove Bison (or Beef) Tongue with a Pan Fried Finish, and Onion and Bell Pepper

    This bison tongue was obtained from Wild Idea, a bison-raising venture in Montana. And they are effectively raised wild, as the ranch covers a LOT of square mileage - well over a hundred I believe. For this venture, I decided to go for a braising, "firm but shreddable" which in the below is...
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