cake tin

  1. MagsBakes

    Help, how to find a special cake pan?

    My father has a 9" round Kuhn Rikon silicon seal pushpan, and wants to buy one for his grandson who wants to bake Grandpa's cheesecake. Dad swears by this pan since he can put it in a bain marie and it doesn't leak because of the silicone ring. Kuhn Rikon doesn't appear to sell them anymore, we...
  2. The Late Night Gourmet

    How do you treat bread and cake pans for easy removal?

    For an area of cooking that's so much about precision, this one aspect has a wide range of techniques, many of which really knowledgeable people (not me) swear by: parchment paper cooking spray oil lard or butter lard, oil, or butter + flour I recently made my wife's mom's phenomenal zucchini...
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