chicken liver

  1. The Late Night Gourmet

    Recipe Chicken Liver Pate

    If you decide to make this, ask your houseguests if they have ever had duck liver pate. If they say no, tell them, “then you are in for a treat!” You aren’t technically lying, because you didn’t say “this is duck liver pate”. And, you've just brightened their day because they get to tell their...
  2. Hemulen

    Recipe Chicken Liver Stew

    Chicken Liver Stew Serves 4 | Cooking time 30-40 min Ingredients ✧ 100 g/3.5 oz prosciutto crudo (air-dried/dry-aged ham) ✧ 300 g/10.6 oz chicken liver ✧ 2 medium-sized onions ✧ 2 cloves of garlic ✧ zest of 1 lemon ✧ 2 tablespoons evoo (or sunflower oil) ✧ 2 teaspoons dried rosemary ✧ 1...
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