1. rascal


    I have a maytag fridge freezer and I got up this morning with daughter saying, water isn't working on fridge door and yoghurt was frozen and other stuff. The fridge has a fan at top left, with daughter and her son here the fridge is full, food and kids stuff, yoghurt fruit (inpottles) cheeses...
  2. morning glory

    What is your most hated kitchen cleaning job?

    We all have cleaning jobs we dislike - what is your most disliked cleaning job in the kitchen? Mine is emptying the kitchen bin (or bins) and keeping them clean. Why hasn't someone invented a disposable eco friendly pop-up kitchen bin? Next is cleaning the oven - but I get a company in to do that.
  3. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Using food products as natural cleaning products

    So from another thread I remembered some of, but not all of the recipe for making your own air freshener. It left me thinking that we really should have a thread about these, recipes made as normal perhaps or at least something listing what can be done with that orange peel or lemon peel you...
  4. ChowDownBob

    Oven cleaning products - are they safe to use on self-cleaning ovens?

    We have a (supposedly) self-cleaning oven but it doesn't seem to apply to the bottom of it which things spill on and then turn a hard, black carbon kind of texture. I've been told I should use one of those spray foam cleaners on it that you leave for a few hours and it eats away at the gunk...
  5. Gene Gibly

    What do you use to wipe down after preparing raw chicken?

    I have always been told that raw chicken contains harmful bacteria so you should clean up afterwards very thoroughly. What do you use to wipe down your surfaces and chopping board after you have prepared raw chicken? And is there anything you should do differently to when you clean up after...
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