The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy (also known as the Cornetto trilogy or the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy) is an anthology series of British comedic genre films directed by Edgar Wright, written by Wright and Simon Pegg, produced by Nira Park, and starring Pegg and Nick Frost. The trilogy consists of Shaun of the Dead (2004), Hot Fuzz (2007), and The World's End (2013).
The trilogy, produced on a total budget of $38 million, has grossed more than $156 million worldwide. Critics have given all three films widespread acclaim.

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    Cappuccino e Cornetto.jpeg

  2. Cappuccino e Brioche.jpeg

    Cappuccino e Brioche.jpeg

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    Cappuccino e Cornetto (Brioche)
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    Wholemeal Cornetto with Apricot Jam.jpeg

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