dried wild mushrooms

  1. ElizabethB

    Dried Wild Mushrooms

    Do you use dried wild mushrooms? I love using dried wild mushrooms with fresh mushrooms. I keep an assortment in the pantry. I am a little low on variety and need to order more. My go to dried wild mushrooms are Porcini, Morel, shiitake and Mixed. Why dried wild mushrooms? . They keep for a...
  2. ElizabethB

    Recipe Shrimp/Prawn Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms

    Earlier this year G purchased fresh, Gulf shrimp off the boat. I removed the heads, washed well, drained and vacuum sealed in 1 lb., shell-on packs. I had one pack left in the freezer. After removing the shell and veins I had a yield of 11 oz. Frozen shrimp is great. Make sure the package is...
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