1. Lupa06

    What is your favorite breakfast combo?

    I love breakfast, it is probably one of my most favorite meals of the day. When thinking of breakfast, I will usually make or order my usual, sunny side eggs, bacon, home fries and rye bread to dip in my yolk. I love this combo for breakfast so much I will often eat for dinner also. What is...
  2. niemela23

    Egg Salad! I have never been able to find one I like. Help, please?

    Hello Cooking BItes, friends! Hope everyone is faring well. :) Does anyone happen to have a recipe for an egg salad that is yolk-less, and that might feature a less 'creamy' dressing than most do (even, and almost preferably, would anyone know of a vinegarette that could be used on an egg...
  3. Morning Glory

    Recipe Vegetarian kedgeree

    This is my own recipe for kedgeree which would normally be made with smoked haddock. In this case I've substituted smoked tofu for a vegetarian version. If you are not familiar with how a Kedgeree dish looks, there is a good example here...
  4. C

    Recipe Yorkshire Pudding

    Or if no Angel willing to help out Ingredients 4 large, fresh eggs, measured into a jug Equal quantity of milk to your measured eggs Equal quantity of all purpose/plain flour to measured eggs Pinch of salt 2 tbsp lard, beef dripping (or vegetable oil!) Method Heat the oven to the highest...
  5. kgord

    need a good recipe for Yorkshire Pudding

    I am going to make Prime Rib or some kind of beef roast for Christmas. I was thinking of making a Yorkshire pudding with them...I have never made I need a good never fail recipe. Also, what is the difference between Yorkshire Pudding and Pop overs?
  6. Caribbean girl

    Recipe Egg-nog

    When Christmas is coming around, we think of certain foods and beverages associated with the season. One of these beverages which comes to mind here when Christmas is approaching is egg-nog. This is always a popular drink on Christmas day. I have a family member who likes to make it and serve...
  7. Corzhens

    Eggs in the fridge

    Does anyone here experienced a spoiled egg in the fridge? It's actually not spoiled but somewhat frozen in texture although it is not in the freezer. The taste seems to be okay except for the texture. I am thinking of not putting the eggs inside the fridge anymore but my husband said that this...
  8. Caribbean girl

    How often do you eat boiled eggs?

    Do you eat boiled eggs often? I seldom eat my eggs boiled, but I still do so on a few occasions just to get a change from the norm. My favourite way of doing eggs is either fried or scrambled. I also like omelette. Boiled eggs are okay, but they are not as tasty, in my opinion, as eggs that...
  9. Tobi

    Less usual eggs

    Having just got some duck eggs for the first time since April and it made me wonder what other eggs (beside hen) you all have eaten and enjoyed. I've regularly eaten hen, duck (rich, slightly tougher whites) and goose (huge - roughly equivalent to three hen, similar texture) eggs, but have also...
  10. C

    Recipe Nasturtium & Runner Bean Omelette

    Indredients • 50g (2oz) young tender runner beans • 2 eggs • 30ml (2tbsp) milk • 2 nasturtium seeds • 4 nasturtium petals • Salt and freshly ground pepper • 15ml (1tbsp) butter • Freshly grated parmesan cheese to taste. Directions Slice the runner beans finely and add to a saucepan of boiling...
  11. Morning Glory

    Recipes starring eggs

    I just love eggs. We kept chickens when I was a kid so I ate freshly laid eggs every day. So - what are your most inventive egg recipes? I don't mean simply fried, poached, scrambled or omelettes. There are scrambled egg and omelette threads already! I'm interested in eggs used in other dishes...
  12. kgord

    How do you poach your eggs?

    I have seen some people even chef's on TV who make poached eggs right in the water. That doesn't really look too appealing to me. When I was a kid, my mother always made them in an egg poaching cup. I make them now in the microwave with specially designed egg poaching cups. They are easy to do...
  13. Morning Glory

    Perfect scrambled eggs

    This is a spin-off from another thread (Using the right kitchen utensils). Here is my idea of how perfect scrambled eggs should look. Do you agree? If not post an alternative picture! And... how do you cook the perfect scrambled eggs?
  14. Bakemehappy

    What oil do you use to fry an egg?

    Are you the type who fries eggs without oil at all using some technology or a plain non-stick pan? I would still prefer to use oil when I fry my egg and sometimes would try butter to achieve that nutty flavor. Most of the time though I use olive oil and oregano in the morning. How about you?
  15. winterybella

    An egg with two yolks

    I regret not taking a picture, because I don't know I will see it again. Two days ago I was 'whipping' up a quick breakfast for my son and sure enough I cracked the second egg and out popped two yolks. I am no 'young yam" as we say in these parts, and I have seen a lot of things, but this was a...
  16. Diane Lane

    Egg Shortage

    Here in the U.S., we're having an issue with Avian Flu in the Midwest, and it's affecting our egg prices and availability here in Texas, for some reason. One local store is limiting the number of eggs that can be purchased at one time. 3 dozen might seem like a lot of eggs to some people, but...
  17. zandi

    Can you really eat raw eggs?

    I have seem people eat raw eggs on fitness shows? At the same time, I have read this is dangerous? i am wondering what is true? Is it really okay to eat a raw egg? I do not ever eat or ever let my kids lick the bowl from a dish that is prepared with raw eggs. Am I being too paranoid, or am...
  18. Elementalmage

    Strangest Eggs...

    What are the strangest eggs you ever saw being called for in a recipe? Call me one-dimensional but I can't get any egg other than chicken over my lips.
  19. Onionman

    Duck eggs

    I've seen a few elaborate dishes mention duck eggs as part of their recipes. I've never actually ever tried one and I was just wanting to know how they compare to normal chicken eggs. Obviously, there's a difference in size but is there a difference in texture and taste?
  20. I

    How many eggs can you really eat a day?

    I love eggs and specially if I'm on a diet (I love the Dukan diet), I eat a lot of eggs. However, I have always heard you are not supposed to eat too many eggs because they are not good for your health and your cholesterol if eaten too much. How many eggs can you really eat everyday without...
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