1. Windigo

    Positive Encouragement Exercise Thread

    Moderator edit: due to posts being moved from various threads, the intro is now part way through the thread, so I've moved it to here. I thought we might have a thread for anyone who wants to post their exercise up. It doesn't matter how much, or how little, just that it's taken place. And...
  2. Morning Glory

    How much exercise do you take each day?

    Be honest please! I am perfectly dreadful. I can spend days on end with no exercise unless you count walking about the house and walking to Aldi (a five minute walk). Lately I've been walking the dog twice a day (two 30 mins to 45 mins walks a day) due to my partner being incapacitated. I'm...
  3. Caribbean girl

    Do you have a regular exercise routine?

    How often do you exercise? Does this form part of your daily routine? There was a time when I did not have an exercise routine and I would do it spasmodically when I felt like it. These days, I do a little bit of exercise almost every day. It takes up only a small part of my day, but I see...
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