georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine consists of cooking traditions, techniques, and practices of Georgia. Georgian cuisine has a distinct character, while bearing some similarities with various national cuisines of the Caucasus and the wider Eastern Europe. Every region of Georgia has its own distinct style of food preparation. Eating and drinking are important parts of Georgian culture.
Georgia was one of the countries on the Silk Road, which resulted in travelers influencing Georgian cuisine.

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  1. AgileMJOLNIR

    Recipe Georgian Pkhali

    Georgian Pkhali are delicious and healthy. I was first introduced to these when I was in St. Petersburg Russia on vacation, they are surprisingly flavorful, easy to make and make a great meal or appetizer. The Red ones in my pics are of course the Beet Pkhali, the Green are more Corriander and...
  2. AgileMJOLNIR

    Recipe Khachapuri

    Khachapuri is a Georgian cheese bread and it absolutely delicious. I got introduced to this several years ago when I took a trip to Russia. This is a meal on it’s own but also goes great with a salad or soup. I’m at work at can’t get my own recipe up but the one I pasted below is very close and...
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