1. Windigo

    Food memories Q&A

    I thought it would be fun to make a thread with some specific questions about your food memories. I provide a template and would love to read all your answers! When you were a child, if you got to choose what was for dinner: what would it have been? What did you buy with your pocket money...
  2. Termyn8or


    I remember a stove we had with an infrared broiler a long time ago. It also had a motor for a spit and all that but what really stands out to me is the burner with a brain. Has anyone else ever seen these ? You turn the knob and set the flame, after that push down and dial in the desired...
  3. flyinglentris

    Nostalgia foods

    Bazooka Bubble Gum dates back to 1947. The company that currently owns it, dropped the comics out in 2012. But apparently, due to losses in sales, brought the comics back in a Retro - Pak in 2019. Bazooka Gum Wiki Bazooka Joe lives! Long live Bazooka Joe.
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