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  1. Matilda

    Crockpot Pot Roast Question

    This is strange...Have been looking on-line for a recipe. I have found that half the recipes call for the meat on the bottom and the veggies on top. The other half calls for the veggies on the bottom and the meat on top. So for half the recipes, the meat will cook in a cooking liquid for 8...
  2. Matilda

    Pot Roast Meat Question

    Hi all. I found a Slow Cooker Pot Roast Pot Roast recipe I would like to try for Xmas. Was thinking of either (2)- 3-4 lbs. Chuck Roasts or a large 6-8 lb roast. Question. If I ask the butcher shop for the larger roast, can I specify how thick I need? I'm not sure if there is a standard...
  3. M

    Making a pot roast chicken

    I have a whole chicken and thinking instead of roasting it in the oven I will do like a pot roast in my le creuset dish (Dutch oven I think you call it in the US). Is this a nice way to cook it. The alternative is spatchcock with a nice sauce. Some recipes for pot roast say to brown the chicken...
  4. Red Wine Pot Roast with Polenta Taragna.jpeg

    Red Wine Pot Roast with Polenta Taragna.jpeg

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