1. mjd

    Computer help needed

    Think of this as a way to spare Bill Gates' life and keep me out of prison. LOL My Windows Explorer search feature is not working. I can see the filename in front of me but the search doesn't show it. I have thousands of files I'm trying to organize and it's laborious when I can just grab them...
  2. imjennibeth

    Immersive food and cooking class research survey

    I am currently conducting a research about Teaching Kitchen or Food Learning Spaces as part of my thesis in my master program in Food Innovation in Italy. This research is also supported by the Italian food company Barilla that aims to help people make informed food choices, eat well, happily...
  3. J

    Calling all sausage lovers!

    Hi Everyone! I work as a Researcher for a television production company called Rumpus Media. We are making a documentary and are are looking for a contributor who LOVES sausages and meat in general. If you yourself would like to contribute, or could recommend someone, than please contact me at...
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