salad niçoise

  1. Morning Glory

    Recipe Rainbow Salade Niçoise

    A classic Salade Niçoise with a colourful twist. I used blue dyed hard-boiled eggs but you don't have to - they really don't taste any different but do provide a talking point! Ingredients (serves 2, generously) 3-4 shelled hard-boiled eggs Red cabbage to dye the eggs (optional) 200g good...
  2. Morning Glory

    Salade Niçoise - what is your choice of ingredients?

    I love Salade Niçoise but I'm well aware that its not a recipe set in stone. Some include green beans and some don't. Some include potatoes (mine does). Lettuce or another type of salad leaf? Hard boiled eggs are often included but there are recipes that don't. What type of fish? Anchovies are...
  3. Morning Glory

    Salade Niçoise

    One of may favourite salads - what do you include in yours? Fresh or tinned tuna? Black olives? Green beans? My favourite version has soft boiled eggs, tinned tuna, new potatoes, anchovies and black olives. I can take or leave the green beans.
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