sandwich buns/rolls/baps/bread

  1. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Asian inspired minced seafood roll

    Asian inspired minced seafood roll In New England, lobster and seafood rolls are a delicious staple to a seafood lover's diet. Typically the cooked seafood is mixed in a mayonnaise-based sauce with very little additional ingredients except for a little celery and a few seasonings, and the...
  2. Ramana

    Recipe Homemade Sandwiches

    Hello Members yesterday I forgot to share the image and secret ingredients of the sandwiches that I ate. Here it is. Ingredients ( Serve For 2 pax ) Sandwich bread Cheese- 50gm grated Cucumber- ½ finely chopped Tomatoes- ½ finely chopped Green Chillies- 1 finely chopped Sprouts (optional) –...
  3. Dutch Crunch Sandwich Rolls

    Dutch Crunch Sandwich Rolls

    Dutch Crunch Sandwich Rolls
  4. JAS_OH1

    Recipe Buttermilk Sandwich/Burger Buns

    These buttermilk buns are soft and fluffy inside, but have a study enough crust and heft to hold up under a massive amount of sandwich ingredients or a thick, juicy burger with all the fixings! I used bread flour in this recipe, but I have used AP flour in the past and it works just fine. This...
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