sea bass

  1. Henry 420

    Recipe & Video Thai Spiced Sea Bass With Roasted Bell Peppers + Onion Rustic Style

    Ingredients: Whole Sea Bass, whole brown or red onions, bell peppers, Thai spices Method: 1 - Chop onions in half and the bell peppers or leave the bell peppers whole like I have done in the video. 2 - Season your fish with your Thai spices and maybe a sprinkle on the veggies too. 3 - Bang...
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  3. Sea Bass with Orange and Oregano.jpeg

    Sea Bass with Orange and Oregano.jpeg

  4. MypinchofItaly

    Recipe Oven Baked Stuffed Sea Bass

    2 whole sea bass cleaned and gutted a bunch of Italian Taggiasche pitted black olives a couple of old bread chunks to soak 2 cloves garlic 3 tbsp of EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil ½ a bunch of fresh parsley ½ a bunch of fresh marjoram a bunch of fresh thyme a tbsp of capers in white vinegar 1...
  5. Served with broccoli.jpeg

    Served with broccoli.jpeg

  6. Oven baked sea bass.jpeg

    Oven baked sea bass.jpeg

  7. Ready for filling.jpeg

    Ready for filling.jpeg

  8. Sea Bass.jpeg

    Sea Bass.jpeg

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