soda bread

  1. Burt Blank

    Recipe Irish Soda bread using butter milk

    Its quick easy and makes delicious nutty flavored toast. I left out the oats (forgot to buy em ) increased the flours. I like to cook in a tin. In the UK I would add sesame seeds, onion seeds or just a packet of mixed seeds. Ingredients 250g plain white flour 250g plain wholemeal flour 100g...
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    Cut Soda Bread.jpeg

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    Soda Bread.jpeg

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    Soda Bread.jpeg

  5. Soda Bread.jpeg

    Soda Bread.jpeg

    Soda and Buttermilk Bread
  6. I am Fof

    Soda Bread

    First let me say I am NOT a cook. I just mess around.:thumbsdown: I live on my own, with just an up & over fridge/freezer, so very limited storage. I don't use a lot of bread, a large loaf will last me 2-3 weeks, so when I buy one, it takes up valuable freezer space. Over the years, I have...
  7. SatNavSaysStraightOn

    Recipe Irish Soda Bread

    This is a hand-me down from an irish lady we know in Rosslare, whose mother kindly gave us the recipe after we commented on how much we loved her bread. It is simply the easiest bread you can make. I have taught this to a 10 year old girl, it really is that easy. Ingredients 8oz wholemeal...
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